Austrian initiative to abolish the EU data retention directive visits the vice-director of the parliament Susanne Janistyn

Foto von Margret Krause

On December 14th 2005 the data retention directive passed the EU parliament. Based on this directive EU member states started to store who calls whom and who writes whom emails or text messages. A initiative with the name “Stoppt die Vorratsdatenspeicherung” (Stop data retention) is now demanding the abolishment of the directive. More than four thousand signatures for this initiative were handed to the vice-director of the Austrian parliament Susanne Janistyn today, six years after the directive passed the European Parliament.

Resistance against the grave intrusion into privacy spreads across Europe since the directive was passed. This summer the EU commission announced a revision of the directive. This decision motivated the Austrian working group against data retention ( to start an initiative asking the Austrian Government to act against the data retention directive. “Handing over the signatures to the vice director of the parliament is not the end of our Initiative” explains Andreas Krisch of the working group against data retention. As soon as the initiative is approved by the parliament it can be signed online via A broad online campaign will be started to reach the goal of 10,000 signatures.

The initiative does not only target data retention: “Data retention is only one of the countless laws implemented with the argument of fighting Terrorism. All of these laws now have to be evaluated. If they are not necessary or proportionate, they have to be abolished.” says Andreas Krisch.